Symfony Hackday

The Symfony hackday is a day where we gather in the same room, meet each other & contribute to open source code. Everybody is welcome: it does not matter if you've never contributed before or if you consider yourself an expert in open-source software.

The next Symfony hackday is on Saturday 2021-06-17 on Slack after Symfony World.
Venue: #hackday on Symfony Slack

What should we do?

The short answer is: Whatever you want. If you want to have some inspiration or ideas, see the following focus groups.


There is a lot of new features in Symfony 5.3 and some of them have not been documented yet. See the issues in the 5.3 milestone to find things to do. When start working with an issue, try to see if the feature requires documentation or if the issue should be closed. You may find the Symfony blog posts helpful.

There are also a few features introduced in Symfony 5.2 that are missing documentation. See the issues in the 5.2 milestone. These have been stalled because they don't need documentation or because it may be complicated to write the documentation. For each of these issues and PRs, please write a comment if you think it should be closed or if they should be done. When a few people have given their opinion, it will be easier for a maintainer to make a decision.

Feel free to create a PR for an issue if you want to.

Reproduce bugs

One thing that is super helpful for maintainers is reproducing bugs. It is way easier to resolve a bug report with a code example and that is verified by someone.

Have a look at the open bug reports, try to understand and reproduce the bugs. Make a comment like "Status: Reviewed" (if you can reproduce) or "Status: Works for me". Also explain what you have tried, maybe add some code example or maybe even a link to a new test repository.

If the bug was verified and you want to walk the extra mile, you can also try fixing it. Ask in Slack for help.

Review open PRs

If you really want a challenge, go through the open PRs and review them. Make a comment about what you like and what could be improved. Maybe event test the PR to make sure it works. Then try to figure out why the PR is still open.

  • Does it need a decision for the Core Team?
  • Does it need more work? If the PR has been stalled for a long time, maybe you want to finish it?
  • If it is not clear why it is stalled, make sure to submit a Github review with "Approve" or "Request changes"

How to checkout someone else's PR?

After setting up Symfony on your PC. You can use the following Git commands to checkout a PR (in this case number 38920) locally:

git fetch upstream pull/38920/head:pr-38920
git checkout pr-38920

See Community Reviews for more information.

Write a blog post

An absolutely awesome way to contribute to Symfony is to write a blog post where you share an idea or describe how you solved a problem. Even if a problem is very specific, it will still be helpful for some people.

Blog posts differ from the Symfony documentation because they can be opinionated. There is sometimes more than one way to solve a problem and none is "the best". The documentation is also very restrictive about what libraries to recommend.

If you write a blog post, make sure to share it in the #posts channel on Symfony Slack and any other social media. This will increase your reads and maybe even make it a featured in "A Week of Symfony".

Something else

Work on your own project or a pull request of your choosing. Ask for help or discussion on Slack now when there are a lot of people active.

Make it count

Whenever you make a PR or Issue on GitHub, please add #SymfonyHackday in the description. Then we can count the contributions!


We will start around 09:00. In which timezone you ask? All of them =)

We will continue contributing until around 17:00. Nobody is expected to participate for the full day - you can come and go as you please!